Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is an act or procedure by which a mobile application is developed specifically for mobile handsets, including business smart phones, personal digital Assistants or mobile, smart phones. These applications are generally designed to run directly on mobile handsets, including a smartphone or small-screen tablet PC. This process is referred to as “mobile application development.” In short, the development of applications on mobile handsets requires the expertise of highly skilled professionals who know how to create user-friendly and compelling applications using advanced mobile technology and tools.

There are many devices that can be used for mobile application development, including iPhones, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile. In recent years, several companies have entered the business of developing mobile apps for these devices. Many such companies also provide service provisioning, network integration and software updates on a pay as you go basis for a few dollars per month or year. There are other companies that charge a royalty on the sale of the software.

In India, several companies offer mobile application development services at a very competitive price. Some of them even provide website development services as well. Some of the well known mobile application development companies include Google Mobile, Nokia, Microsoft, Accenture, Apple, Research Station, Kaspersky, Cisco, IBM, NEC, Samsung, Vodafone, T-Mobile, AT&T and Virgin Mobile. Many of these companies are available online with websites. Some of them conduct regular training sessions for the staff of mobile application development.

Mobile application development companies offer a wide range of mobile apps for a wide range of devices – from smart phones to PDAs, from enterprise desktops to portable devices like the Bluetooth headset. The primary focus of all these companies is to make their clients’ apps as mobile friendly as possible. They take the suggestions of the clients and develop apps according to their requirement. These companies also handle the conversion of the ready Android apps into compatible native mobile apps using a variety of tools and techniques.

A mobile application development company usually develops applications for specific target audiences. In some cases, it may be for mass market applications like business or entertainment, while in other cases it may be for a specific segment of the audience. For mass-market applications, the target audience can be people of any age group, while for a segment of the target audience it could be people who are of a particular religion or have a certain educational qualification. A mobile application development company may consider targeting a larger segment of the audience by developing an app specifically for business or entertainment or a smaller segment by developing an application only for a specific smart phone or mobile device.

Mobile application development companies provide services for both new mobile device and older phones. The company usually works with the manufacturer of the phones or with the mobile vendor to provide services on these new mobile platform based smartphones. Some of the mobile application development companies also develop for a single OS platform, like Symbian and Windows Mobile.