Traveling in Ella, Sri Lanka

The name Ella Sri Lanka comes from the national flag of Ella Republic. Ella is a place that seems to be under the clouds but is still easily accessible and you can easily get there via high-speed train. It is located in the hill country of Sri Lanka and is known for its beautiful beaches, temples, mountains, lakes and valleys.

If you want to take a self-drive tour then the airport is quite far and has low accommodations and is not advisable for you if you want to take a self-drive tour. The very first thing that you need to do when visiting Ella is visiting the beach. Ella is famous for its soft sand beach which is dotted with small, isolated, deserted islands which are unspoiled and untouched by human settlement. These islands are perfect for those people who are looking for a fun-filled beach experience and there are also plenty of beaches for you to choose from.

Belapan Beach is located at the north end of Ella. It is a small and beautiful beach with water that comes up to your waist. It is usually very crowded and does not get any breath of fresh air from the neighbouring beaches but it does not have much to offer for the wild and adventurous. There are many dive shops that have brought back numerous pictures of local wildlife.

Another beach on the southern side of Ella is Sheridansi Bay which is located on the western shore of Ella. This beach has a great view of the mountains and the beach is nice and calm.

Kurui Bay is located on the eastern coast of Ella. This beach is ideal for sunbathers because of its clear water and peace.

There are a number of beautiful lakes and lakeside rivers to explore around Ella. These lakes and rivers are ideal for swimming and are perfect for those people who love the water.

Lakes Lohia and Naomhle which are located in Ella Rock are popular for its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Lakes Lohia has fishes and plants of all sorts including algae. Naomhle has the smell of oil and fish and is perfect for fishing enthusiasts.

Maestra Valley is another place that will certainly make you wonder how it got into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This valley is famous for its caves and cave paintings.

The other airports in Ella include international airport, international airport, Chandimalala International Airport, Waverike International Airport, and Kandy International Airport. The international airport is located next to the car rental company and the international airport has good accommodation and all the necessities for your trip.

When you want to enjoy this place with the best and cheapest tour package available, then you can always take an organised tour package and have low cost flights to and from Ella. The cheap flights to Ella will help you enjoy the rest of your stay in this beautiful place.

There are also short guides available on the internet that will guide you from your hotel to the beach and back. Ella is a beautiful place with a lot to offer but will definitely demand some time and effort to explore. It would be worth it if you have some time and a few dollars to spend.