How to get to Porto de Galinhas

Situated in the state of Pernambuco, Porto de Galinhas is located just 64 km from Recife .Therefore, for those arriving by plane, the easiest and fastest way is to disembark at Recife and Guararapes International Airport and then rent a car to get to Porto de Galinhas.

If renting a car is not in your plans, you can check with your hotel if a shuttle service is available. Many hotels pick you up at Recife airport at extra cost.If you choose to rent a car, you can include in your trip other destinations besides Porto de Galinhas, visiting nearby beaches or even making a road trip to Maceió (211 km), which was my choice.

The weather stays warm all year round the average water temperature usually ranges from 26 to 28 degrees and the average annual temperature is 28 degrees, but rainy and windy months should be avoided if you want to know the weather. Natural pools of calm and crystal clear water.After the winter and rainy season June until August, the waters calm down again and recover the blue tone.Praias de Porto de galinhas – Brazil

From September is already a good time to know the region. However, weather conditions can vary greatly from year to year, and what will determine whether or not the best time to visit Porto de Galinhas is the intensity and period of rainfall.When it rains and winds, river water mixes with seawater, leaving them scrambled and cloudy. The consequence is the loss of visibility in natural pools.From December until March is high season , period in which the flow of tourists increases in many times the prices.

The hotel is located 2.5 km from Porto de Galinhas Village and among its facilities, it has access to the sea, beach service, beach / pool bar, children’s and adult’s pool, children’s playground, restaurant with coffee option. in the morning, half or full board, lobby bar, fitness space, room service, recreational activities, function room and accommodation in various categories.

Our lunch was served at the open-air pool and beach bar overlooking both the pool and the sea. A la carte options include salads, fish, meat and desserts.Dinner again met our expectations, confirming the high quality of the cuisine offered at Porto de Galinhas Praia Hotel with every meal.

Departure time varies by tide table, so it is possible to have a prediction of departure, but the exact time will only be announced on the day of the tour. The tide must be below 0.5, otherwise visibility is impaired. Check out the tide table table here .The best time to go to the natural pools is 2 hours before and 2 hours after the lowest tide.The meeting point with the raft will be at the central beach of Porto de Galinhas village.only get there and you will see the rafts next to each other.The pools form near the sand, so that at low tide you can reach some of them by walking.

However, I recommend that you take the raft ride for the full experience if you choose to go hiking, you will only know part of the pools and not even dive in.