Lina Stores Is A Solid Pasta Bar In Soho That’s Perfect For A Quick Lunch

Lina Stores is a solid pasta bar in Soho that’s perfect for a quick lunch and is only a stone’s throw away from the trendy and fashionable Bucking Horse. And for the busy mother or businesswoman, you can head straight to the beautiful Whistler Bar and Grill for an impressive lunch, but the whirling blades in the Whistler Restaurant Recommended are definitely not for the faint of heart.

If you like a traditional Italian meal and with the range of dishes on offer, you’ll be well catered for at Lina Stores, with only the best ingredients. Since it has been established in the 1970s, this eatery has been regarded as the ultimate Italian eatery in the capital city.

From the brunch menu of Eggs Benedict to the all-day lunch that’s fully loaded with dishes such as the Lina store classic pasta of your choice, you’ll have a selection of pasta that’s 100% Italian. This includes Carbonara and Pasta Gelato.

Lunch is served by choosing from the Toscana and Tuscany Specialties, Italian truffles, salads and veggie pizzas and pastas. The specialty pizzas are cooked on the restaurant’s signature outdoor Neapolitan style oven.

Lina Stores offers an extensive range of wine for both ales and lagers. It also offers a wide variety of champagnes, sherry and other vintage and speciality wines lina stores restaurant review.

Another staple on the restaurant menu is the creamy Margarita Toast that’s topped with house-made Margarita sauce and your choice of cheese, and the mint chocolate chip ice cream that’s filled with vanilla bean ice cream and sorbet. For dessert, try the fruity Blueberry Mango Sorbet, but there’s a good chance that this won’t be offered all the time.

A great way to end the day at Lina Stores is the bistro classics. These include the Fennel-Plate, Buffalo-Poached Pork Belly, The Bleu Cheese Polenta and the Chicken Parmesan which are the restaurant’s signature dish.

Most of the small but cosy dining rooms at Lina Stores have a very relaxed feel, with large windows overlooking the sidewalk outside. You’ll find seats for you to take as you settle in for the evening.

At Lina Stores, there is a small collection of coffee bars where you can enjoy your evening coffee and cake, whilst enjoying some great Italian music and an incredible view. There is also a Zen bar, which is set in the Lina Stores Fish Market style where you can soak up some peace and quiet with your Italian wine and enjoy an exceptionally well-rounded meal.

Other unique dining venues include the Chiari Malformation Restaurant where you can enjoy a full range of Italian food. It has an exceptional selection of pizzas, pastas, salads and much more.

An alternative way to finish your evening at Lina Stores is the stunning rooftop Bar from the famous Soho Hotel, the St Regis Hotel. Here you can enjoy live Italian music, a cocktail served in a traditional wine glass, as well as Champagne, wine and beer, and soft drinks.

Those with a sweet tooth will be happy to know that there is also a coffee bar offering the full range of coffees and espressos and cappuccinos and pastries that are in abundance at Lina Stores. .