How Do I Get a Verified Fan Presale Code For Events in USA

For an event like the Paramount Christmas Event, “The Paramount Christmas Party,” Ticketmaster is currently offering their unique Presale Codes for events in USA at for Free. These codes can be used at to purchase tickets early.

How do you get a Presale Code? We’ve explained how below.

First, select the show you want to attend on, and select ‘Box Office’. Once you do this, there will be a link to ‘Secure Discount’ from the right hand menu.

Click on the link for and you will be taken to’s website, which is a paid site. You will find a page asking you to complete a form.

This form is a rather short form, but the results are highly important. The form will require you to enter your email address and your mailing address.

It will also ask you for your zip code, along with your name and birth date. If you do not have a zip code, you may need to enter a place.

After you do this, your information will be stored with Ticketmaster, and you will be mailed an email with a link to use at You will also receive emails from Ticketmaster, if you need to create your account, or if you want to pay for your ticket.

When you use a discount code, it does not give you a free ticket. It is still possible to get free tickets from Ticketmaster by paying with a credit card.

If you use a promo code, it will not give you access to purchase tickets at Presale Codes. But what it will do is give you access to more shows, as long as you complete your ticket purchases through Ticketmaster.

So, in effect, you are actually purchasing tickets and then earning more points at Ticketmaster for each show you purchase using your codes. The more points you earn, the more tickets you get.

This works best if you want to purchase tickets to events that are exclusively sold out, such as Broadway, Off-Broadway and various other theatre shows. So, you are acquiring an exclusive deal.

If you want to earn an extra reward for buying tickets to events in USA, then use unique presale codes on While these unique codes can be found online, you can only buy them from the official Ticketmaster website.