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West of the beautiful city of Aswan there is the hill of the Golden Mountain on the island of the center of the Nile, there is on this hill the tomb of the Aga Khan, the tomb of Prince Mohammad Shah Aga Khan, this shrine overlooking the old palace of King Farouk overlooking the tomb of the Greek and Greek “Created by Queen Hatshepsut ..

Sultan Mohammed Shah died in 1957, where he was buried only two years after his death. His tomb was built on the Fatimid tombs. It was built of pink limestone. Aswan city in detail ..

A red rose is placed on the tomb every day as a tradition initiated by the wife of the last Aga Khan or mother of love. “She was Miss France in 1930” since his death, where she died in 2000 and her body was taken by her husband at his tomb.
Best Aswan Tourist Attractions:

The reason for the construction of the shrine:

The Aga Khan was suffering from rheumatism and pain in the bones and was unable to move and moving wheelchair and the failure of doctors to treat him, one of his crew advised him to visit Aswan, where the warm atmosphere, a doctor Nubia advice buried half his body in the lower Aswan sand for three hours a day And for a week, and after this period became the Aga Khan walking on his feet, asked the governor to buy the area that was treated and brought some engineers and architects and asked them to build this shrine.

Journey to the Aga Khan Shrine:

  1. At the beginning of the mausoleum, we can tour the hill and collect many of the monumental pictures of the magnificent mausoleum and other landscapes around it.

2 – To visit this shrine we climb to the top of the hill, and we take panoramic pictures from above this hill for the city of Aswan and the entire Nile River

3 – We will visit the shrine we will notice that the stairs of this shrine is very distinctive, it takes the form of a half circle.

Best Aswan Tourist Attractions:

4 – Inside the mausoleum we will notice decorative colors, drawings and writings which are characterized by bright colors, we will find a red carpet and a large marble piece.

After visiting the mausoleum, we stroll from the hill and enjoy horse or camel riding. It is possible to enjoy a cruise by riding a sailing boat from a port located at the bottom of the hill. However, when visiting this mausoleum, we must remain calm and respect the importance of this mausoleum.

Title of the Aga Khan Shrine:

Golden Mountain – Western Aswan.

Price of the Aga Khan Shrine:

The price of the entrance ticket to the shrine per person is 60 Egyptian pounds.

Dates of the visit to the Aga Khan Shrine:

The mausoleum is open daily from 6 am to 5 pm.

Top Aga Khan Shrine Hotels –

– Pyramisa Isis Corniche Hotel Aswan is about two kilometers away from the mausoleum.

– Helnan Aswan Hotel is located about three kilometers from the shrine.

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